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Learning about Pushback Tractors

An airplane is securely pushed backward away from an airport gate during a pushback, which is a routine airport practice. This is done with the aid of an airport tug or pushback tractor, which provides external power. Pushbacks are conducted round-the-clock by airlines and operators, usually in a remarkably brief amount of time. A pushback tractor used to move large aircraft typically weighs up to 54 tonnes (119,000 pounds) and has a 334 kN drawbar pull (75,000 lbf). The driver’s cabin can frequently be raised during the reversing operation, and it can typically be lowered to ensure that it fits underneath aircraft as well, giving the driver more vision. In general, conventional and towbarless pushback tractors are the two types that are available (TBL).Towbarless (TBL) tractors have the ability to scoop up the nose landing gear, raising it off the ground in the process, without the need for a tow bar, as opposed to conventional tugs, which employ a tow bar to link the tug to the aircraft’s nose landing gear. This article will look at the importance and uses of a pushback tractor.

An aircraft’s various maintenance tasks are carried out in a big facility called a maintenance hangar. Airport personnel who work in ground handling and airlines maintain these hangars.
The maintenance hangar is not a place where aircraft fly in and out with their engines running. The reason for this is that a hangar is an enclosed location, making it unsafe for aircraft to enter and exit while their engines are running. In fact, it is not standard operating procedure to start jet engines inside maintenance hangars since there is a high chance of FOD (foreign object debris), which includes tools getting absorbed into engines. From any location on the airport, an aircraft can be brought inside the hangar using a pushback tractor. Once all repair work is complete, the aircraft can be towed outside the hangar. A pushback tractor may tow or pull an aircraft as well as just push it back, contrary to what its name might imply. If you hadn’t guessed it by now, that’s right.

Pushback operations, performed by pushback and towing trucks, are just one of the several activities taking place. Airlines rotate their planes like clockwork around the clock and perform pushbacks, often in dangerously condensed time. A pushback is an airport process in which an airplane is propelled by outside force away from an airport gate. Although many aircraft are also capable of moving backwards on the ground using reverse thrust a maneuver known as a power back, the jet blast or prop wash that results could harm the terminal structure or its equipment. Sand and other debris may be blown forward by engines that are close to the ground and then sucked into the engine, damaging the engine. In order to pull the aircraft away from the gate, a pushback utilizing a tractor or tug is advised. Pushback tractors tugs that can be counted on in every situation must be used in all activities. Thus, it should come as no surprise that fleets of ground support equipment include pushback tractors and vehicles as a crucial and fundamental component.

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